How to Work with Spiritual Light

Everything is energy. The light that we see around us, including natural sunlight and manmade electrical light, is just one range of energy frequencies discernable by our senses. But there is also spiritual light, traditionally represented as a halo, or rays of light, around the head. When we speak of this spiritual light we are speaking of very high frequency energy usually not discernible to the eye that manifests as love, acceptance, strength, internal peace, and tranquility of body, mind and emotions.

We can work with this spiritual light so that we begin to live more and more in these high frequencies and the serenity that comes with it. Like all energy, this spiritual light is eternal and ever present. This means these frequencies are always in us and around us. As a creative energy, its potential is limitless and it has its own innate intelligence. This infinite creativity and innate intelligence combine to make light a powerful tool for our transformation.

We can co-create with light to bring transformation to anything that we may wish to reinvent. Light can raise the frequency of our body, our individual cells, our thoughts, our emotions, our environment, or any situation, whether personal or global. We can bring light into anything, any circumstance. Ultimately we can learn to continuously live as light in this world, bringing these frequencies to wherever we are.

How do we work with the light? We welcome the light with love, faith and gratitude and then direct the light to where transformation is requested. There are specific commands we can include in our instructions to the light to create the optimal transformation. We can:

  • Activate – Turn the light on
  • Energize – Turn the light up
  • Establish – Spread out, distribute the light
  • Anchor- Ask the light to stay continuously

The more we practice actively engaging with the light in this way, the more we begin to embody this light. As we embody the higher frequencies our experience of life transforms, and we begin to view the world through the lens of the higher frequencies. There is more clarity, more power, more love and more freedom to respond.

When working with light it is important to always begin by aligning ourselves to the higher frequencies. When we are aligned, our commands are stronger, clearer and there is less resistance to the light. Ways to create this alignment include deep, conscious breathing, focusing our breath in the heart with gratitude, devoting ourself to a spiritual master, reciting a mantra, or using the centering technique offered by Sai Maa.

Once aligned, work with a clear, focused intention and actively imagine the final result you are co-creating with the light. Engage all the senses in the process. The keys to working with light are to have unwavering faith in the presence of the light and the transformative process unfolding, and to be filled with gratitude that this transformation has occurred. As a living intelligence the light will always respond to our command. The more love, faith and openness we bring to the request the more transformative power that this energy can display.

Let’s look at a simple example where we bring high frequency light into our brain. We begin by taking a moment and bringing our energy into alignment. Feeling the gratitude for this work and the faith in its power.

  • Set the intention to bring light into the brain (either overall or to a specific part of the brain). You can even say to yourself “Light, activate in the brain.”
  • Begin to imagine the light surrounding you.
  • Direct the light into the brain from above the crown. Imagine the light moving in through the crown into the brain.
  • Bring your awareness to the area being worked with and see it bathed in light.
  • Activate the light by saying to yourself ‘Activate’. Then say ‘Energize’ and imagine the light intensifying with each breath until it is blazing forth its radiance.
  • ‘Establish’ the light within the brain, and then anchor it by repeating ‘Anchor’.

Through constant and consistent practice, light can become our constant companion throughout the day as we can move towards a life filled with love, serenity and divine grace.