Every breath of the Brahmachari, every cell that breathes in a Brahmachari is for God, Supreme, the Self, the Great Self. The purpose, the joy, the beauty of the devotion of Brahmacharya is the seva of enlightenment.
– Sai Maa

The Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya is the monastic lineage of Her Holiness Sai Maa composed of devoted disciples who have taken lifelong vows and committed themselves to a Brahmacharya lifestyle of sadhana (spiritual practice) and service for global enlightenment.

As a vessel of HH Sai Maa’s Presence and Shakti, the Swami, Brahmacharinis and Brahmacharis of the Order serve as a ministry in living, embodying and sharing Sai Maa’s teachings. The thirteen members of the Order are located on four continents, and offer teaching programs and spiritual coaching, carry out humanitarian work, build community, and support Sai Maa’s global organization.

Through the purity, devotion, and discipline embodied by its members, the Order is an energetic presence activating light consciousness around the world and inspiring others to live their potential as light.


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