Journey of Profound Healing – 4/16-20, 2018 Japanese

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Date / Time: Apr 16, 2018 17:30
Location: リゾートホテル蓼科
日本長野県茅野市北山 リゾートホテル蓼科
Fee: ¥540,000

In the intimate and safe environment of this program, you will be empowered to live fully and passionately, expressing your true self. As you confront your shadows and darkness, as you see how you have been sabotaging yourself and your dreams, as you acknowledge, accept, express and ultimately release these patterns, you will experience a deep and profound healing. With the roots of these patterns gone, you will be free to create a life without fear, a life of peace, love, balance and wholeness.

The Journey of Profound Healing takes place in an intimate setting of less than 30 participants with Sai Maa and Sai Maa’s Teachers. Sai Maa is an energetic master with the gift of not only seeing into the heart of your suffering, but also bringing healing and release.

This program is available in Japanese only.

Journey of Profound Healing Participation & Release of Liability Agreement

Participation & Release of Liability Agreement

Thank you for participating in the Journey of Profound Healing Program (the “Program”) sponsored by Sai Maa, LLC and taught by Sai Maa with the support of Sai Maa, LLC employees, staff members, representatives and volunteers. The Program is designed to help participants learn how to live from the highest potential inherent within them and focuses on personal growth and healing and spiritual awakening and transformation. By participating in the Program you agree to the following terms and condition:

1. The information presented during the Program, including ideas, suggestions, techniques, training, exercises, initiations, processes, activations, downloads, individual energy sessions, instructions, and other materials (collectively the “Materials”), is educational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice. The intent of the Program is to assist participants who wish to enhance their living skills and remove blocks to their spiritual development. The Program generally consists of presentations, initiations, activations, downloads and blessings by Sai Maa and group sharing of experiences by participants and guided exercises and processes. In addition you will have the opportunity to experience a personal energy session with either Sai Maa or one of her staff members where you will lay on a massage table (fully clothed) and be worked on energetically in silence. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge that it’s not possible for Sai Maa, LLC to describe everything that might occur during the Program.

2. You understand there is a distinction between “healing” as used in the title of the Program and the practice of medicine, psychology, or any other licensed health care practice. The information presented during the Program, including the personal energy sessions and the Materials offered by Sai Maa, LLC are self-regulated and are considered alternative or complementary to the healing arts that are licensed in the United States. While Sai Maa has extensive experience in the healing arts, she is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist, or other licensed health care provider. You agree to take full responsibility for your self-care in the, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of your life and to seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decisions. Further, you assume and agree to accept full and complete responsibility for applying for yourself what you may learn from participating in the Program.

3. You understand the Program is experiential in nature and is not to be considered a treatment for any physical, emotional, or mental disorder. Further, you understand that the information presented in this Program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. You agree to consult with your health care providers for any specific medical, emotional, or psychological problems. You are advised to continue any medical or psychological treatment that you’re currently receiving. In addition, you understand that any information shared during the Program is not to be considered a recommendation that you stop seeing any of your health care professionals or using prescribed medication, if any, without consulting with your health care professional, even if after attending the Program you believe that such medication or therapy is unnecessary.

4. Please be advised by participating in the Program it’s possible to experience an adverse emotional reaction or physical discomfort which could be perceived as negative side effects. It is also possible to experience some emotional distress and physical discomfort related to stressful experiences you may have had earlier in your life. You acknowledge you have been informed that some past participants in the Program have reported that the Program was perceived as physically, mentally and/or emotionally stressful for them.Therefore, based on the foregoing, you agree to ask for help should your participation in the Program inadvertently activate any distressing reactions in you. Also please be advised, that it’s possible during your personal energy session or in group processes or exercises that physical touch may be offered as a support to you. Because touch can be a potential problem in doing healing work, if you have any misgivings, doubts, or any negative reactions to any physical contact it is very important that you let Sai Maa know or a Sai Maa, LLC staff member, representative or volunteer so that your choice not to have physical contact can be honored.

5. Any stories or testimonials presented during the Program do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome for any particular issue. Further, you understand that Sai Maa, LLC makes no warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding any outcome for you during or after the Program for any particular issue. Due to the fact that the Program includes group processes in which you may voluntarily reveal personal information you understand that you waive your rights of privacy and confidentiality.

6. You acknowledge and agree that anything and everything discussed with Sai Maa or any Sai Maa, LLC employee, staff member, representative or volunteer either during or separate from the Program is merely a perspective for you to consider in conducting your affairs. While you will have the opportunity to have a personal energy session as part of your participation in the Program, you understand your participation in the Program, including your personal energy session is not intended to create nor does it establish a client – practitioner relationship or any other type of professional relationship between you and Sai Maa or any Sai Maa, LLC employee, staff member, representative or volunteer. Although some Sai Maa, LLC staff members, representatives, or volunteers may be licensed health care professionals, you agree and understand that they are not providing you with any medical or psychological advice or treatments and their participation in the Program is not part of their professional licensed health care practice.

7. You agree and understand the Program may be filmed, photographed and/or recorded and that Sai Maa, LLC shall have all rights in and to such film, photographs and/or recording, including the copyright therein. The copyright shall include, but not be limited to, the right to use, re-use, publish, and re-publish and otherwise reproduce, modify, and display any such film, photograph and/or recording for educational and promotional purposes, including without limitation, audiotapes, audio CDs, DVDs, websites, video, or film or any other form of recorded images. You grant Sai Maa, LLC the right without compensation to you to film, photograph and/or record you while participating in the Program and you waive any right which you now have or may have hereafter in any such film, photograph and/or recording. You agree not to record by audio, video, photographic or any other means, any portion of the Program.

8. You understand that your participation in the Program is strictly voluntary, at your own risk, and that you freely choose to participate. Since the Program is experiential and the extent of the Program’s effectiveness, as well as the Program’s risks and benefits, are not fully known, you agree to assume and accept full and complete responsibility for any and all risks associated with your participation in the Program. Further, you agree and understand that this Agreement is intended to be a complete unconditional release of liability and assumption of risk to the greatest extent permitted by law.

9. You acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity by Sai Maa, LLC to ask questions regarding any aspect of this Agreement. You represent that you’re competent and able to understand the nature and consequences of participating in the Program and that you are an adult under the laws of the State of your residence and you have the right to enter into this Agreement. If you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian hereby represents that you’re competent and able to understand the nature and consequences of participating in the Program.

10. Any and all matters in dispute between the parties to this Agreement, whether arising from or relating to the Agreement itself, or arising from alleged extra-contractual facts prior to, during, or subsequent to the Agreement, including, without limitation, fraud, misrepresentation, negligence or any other alleged tort or violation of the contract, shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of State of Colorado, without regard to conflicts of law doctrines and regardless of the legal theory upon which such matter is asserted. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid, it is agreed that the balance of the Agreement shall continue in full force and affect. This Agreement may not be amended except in writing signed by both parties. No waiver by any party of any right under this Agreement will be construed as a waiver of any other right. If a court finds any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable as applied to any circumstance, then the remainder of this Agreement will be interpreted to best carry out the intent of the parties.

11. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have carefully and completely read and fully understand all aspects of this Agreement and you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated herein. This Agreement shall be binding upon you and your heirs, family, legal representative, successors, and assigns.

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, you and your heirs agree to fully release, indemnify, hold harmless, and defend, Sai Maa, LLC, its owners, members, principals, employees, staff members, agents, representatives, consultants, volunteers, and others associated with Sai Maa, LLC, from any and all claims or liability, of whatsoever kind or nature, and for any damage or injury, including but not limited to, financial, personal, emotional, psychological, medical, or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time as a result of your voluntary decision to participate in the Program.

Please indicate your acceptance and agreement by signing in the space provided below. If you are a minor, you shall have your parent or legal guardian consent to and join this Agreement by signing in the space provided below.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy:

Withdrawing more than 30 days before your Journey:

Once you register for a scheduled Journey, $500 of your tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance of your tuition, minus the $500 deposit, is transferable into another Journey of Profound Healing until thirty days before the start of your Journey.

Withdrawing within 30 days of your Journey:

Your paid tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable within thirty days of your Journey.

To make a cancellation or transfer, please email