Personal Session by Lucinda Hanover

Date / Time: Apr 27, 2018 12:27
Location: リゾートホテル蓼科
日本長野県茅野市北山 リゾートホテル蓼科
Fee: ¥18,000

During the weekend intensive program “Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Sacred Sexuality” taking place in Chino, Nagano, Japan from April 27-29 2018,  Sai Maa’s successor, Lucinda Hanover, will be offering personal sessions. These sessions are open to participants of the intensive program. Details of the sessions will be announced during the program in Chino.

Please be aware that in the case of bank transfer, the payment is to be completed by Monday April 23 2018. (Credit card payment will be accepted untill April 27)



This session is not a medical treatment.

In case of cancellation the amount paid is not refundable.