This year marks the 2nd year in a highly transformative 7 year cycle. 2017, is a year for us to consciously raise our own vibration, healing ourselves and anchoring this heightened awareness in our daily live. Thus, remembering our true Self and living in joy, in alignment with our own divinity. Various programs are being planned this year, for us to learn how to move into conscious awareness and towards a life filled with love and light.

On this website, we offer events and seminars offered in Japan by Sai Maa, and teachers appointed by Sai Maa. Offerings from around the world can be viewed on

Browse the currently available events and programs and register for an event by clicking on ‘Register’. You will be prompted to sign up for an account if you do not already have one. Payment for events is handled through the website via credit card (Stripe) or bank transfer. Certain programs are eligible for payment in installments (credit card only).

Healing Journey

Dates Event Location
Jun 20, 2019 2019年第1回 癒しへの旅 〜Healing Journey〜 保健農園ホテルフフ山梨 Details
Sep 05, 2019 2019年第1回 癒しへの旅 〜Healing Journey 保健農園ホテルフフ山梨 Details
Nov 14, 2019 癒しへの旅 〜Healing Journey〜 保健農園ホテルフフ山梨 Details

On-Line Programs

Dates Event Location
Nov 30, 2018 The Power in Your Minds Shakti Membership Online Details
Dec 31, 2019 40 Days with Sai Maa Online Details
Dec 31, 2019 Sai Maa 40 Days of Light Online Details


Dates Event Location
Jan 12, 2019 Remote Participation in the Kumbh Mela 2019 プリヤガード(旧アラハバード)、インド Details
Jan 20, 2019 Energy Session at Sai Maa Cafe サイマー・カフェ Details
Jan 20, 2019 Circle of Light Tokyo サイマー・カフェ Details
Mar 16, 2019 Transformational Leap サイマー・カフェ Details
Mar 23, 2019 The Divine Stream of Life サイマー・カフェ Details
Jul 27, 2019 The Power of Patterns サイマー・カフェ Details

Sai Maa Program in Japan 2019

Dates Event Location
Apr 06, 2019 サイマー・ダルシャン In Tokyo 2019年4月6日13時〜 KFC Hall Details
Apr 06, 2019 Sai Maa Darshan in Tokyo April 6th 2019,15:00〜 Ryogoku KFC Hall Details
Apr 07, 2019 One Day Program “The Nobility of Women” KFC Hall Details
Apr 12, 2019 Intensive Program: Creation Matrix リゾートホテル蓼科 Details


Dates Event Location
Dec 31, 2019 Personalized Birthday Yagya インド・ヴァラナシ Details
Dec 31, 2019 Yagya for the Deceased – Japanese Registrations インド・ヴァラナシ Details