Half day program “From beyond the Veil”
Friday Oct.18th 13:00-16:00

Intensive Program “ You are a Star!”
From Friday Oct. 18th 19:00 to Sunday Oct. 20th 12:30

19:00-21:00 Program
8:30-9:30   Morning Meditation
10:00-12:00 program
12:30-15:00 Program
17:30-20:00 Program
20:30-21:30 Gaia Shakti Session
08:30-09:15 Morning Meditation
09:30-12:30 Program

Please note that schedule could change.
Especially the ending time may vary depending on the energy given that this is the last program taught by Her Holiness Sai Maa. Please plan with some time margin so that you don’t miss precious moment with divine mother!


Seavans Hall

Address in English: 3rd Floor Seavans A Mall, 1-2-2 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0023

Address in Japanese (to show to taxi driver) :〒105-0023 東京都港区芝浦1丁目2の2 シーバンス ア・モール3F シーバンスホール



Please note that prices are estimation under typical traffic conditions and exchange rate on May 27th 2019.

Some hotels have direct airport limousine busses from and to airports. For details on airport limousine busses to hotels, please visit the airport limousine bus official website.

1 Haneda Airport

a. TAXI and TRAIN (about 30 minutes in total)
Seavans Hall
↓ ↑                                    5 minutes by taxi or 7 minutes walk
Hamamatsucho station
↓ ↑                                   16 – 20 minutes by monorail (USD 4, every 5 min.)
Haneda Airport

b. TAXI: 30 min, about 5300 yen (USD 48, estimate time and price under typical traffic)

2 Narita Airport

a. LIMOUSINE BUS  and TAXI (1 hour 45 minutes, easiest especially with luggage)
Seavans Hall
↓ ↑                                12 minutes by Taxi (about USD 35)
Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT)
↑                                90 minutes by Airport Limousine bus (USD 17, every 10-15min)
Narita Airport

Airport Limousine Narita ⇆TCAT official site

b. TAXI and TRAIN (1 hour 40 minutes, including plenty of time to get to the platform in Tokyo station)
Seavans Hall
↓ ↑                                 10 – 15 minutes by Taxi (USD 18, estimate time and price under typical traffic)
Tokyo Station
↑                                  1 hour by Narita Express train (USD 27, about every 30 minutes)
Narita Airport

Narita Express Official site

c. TAXI:1 hour 10 mins, but we recommend to allow at least 90 minutes in case of traffic. approximately 25,000 yen (USD 227, with typical traffic) 

You can explore more options using online trip planner.


Accommodations are NOT included in your tuition. Please make reservation for your stay. There are so many hotels in the area, but these following are example of hotels nearby. Please note that hotel rooms are being reserved faster than usual as the Rugby World Cup is happening on that weekend.

Villa Fontaine Hamamatsucho 7 min walk from the hall, clean, very small rooms

Keikyu EX Inn Hamamatsucho 15 minute walk from the hall, clean, very small rooms

Villa Fontaine Shiodome 22min walk, 12 min by train from the hall, clean, small rooms

Intercontinental Tokyo Bay 10 minute walk. Beautiful 5 star hotel on Tokyo Bay. 

Hotel Nikko Daiba,  Beautiful 5 star hotel, 15 minutes away by monorail.

Sai Maa Japan has arranged group rates with Villa Fontaine Hamamatsucho, Keiyu EX Inn and Intercontinental Tokyo Bay. Please contact Akiko Nojiri ( if you are interested in these hotels.


You are invited to wear comfortable clothing in any color. The temperature in mid October in Tokyo is characterized by temperatures ranging between 60°F – 70°F (15°C – 21°C). The hall counts with air conditioning but it is recommended to bring shawl, jacket or cardigan.


Meals are not included in the tuition. For a 4 or 5-day stay in Japan, you may want to exchange about 20,000-40,000 yen (about 180-360USD), to cover travel to/from airports, local trains and taxis, some of your meals, snacks, and souvenirs. Japan is cash-oriented but credit card is widely accepted at big restaurants, taxis and convenient stores. However, there are places in Tokyo that do not take credit cards. So, it is recommended to have some cash with you. This is a very broad estimate, though, and the amount of cash spent will vary from person to person. We accept credit cards at boutique .


There is no tipping in Japan. Service is always included. So, taxis, restaurants etc, just pay what is on the bill.


If you need a wifi hotspot during the program or while traveling, you may wish to order it in advance and have it ready for pick up at the airport. International SIM cards do not work in Japan. You will need to order a Japanese SIM card, which is also available at airports, if you bring an unlocked phone. Hotels generally have internet access available in each room.
You can check the options available at Haneda airport and Narita airport by visiting the links below.

Haneda Airport:
Narita Airport:


We recommend that you travel light. Japanese hotels generally have amenities like soap, shampoo, hair dryers, toothbrushes, even Japanese style pajamas/robe (yukata) and slippers.
Moreover, if you arrive at or leave from the hall directly, we ask for your cooperation in bringing minimum possible as we have little space for luggage at the hall.